Coffin Accessories

Coffin accessories are items such as coffin handles, coffin decorations, coffin corners, coffin trimmings for the inner part of the coffin or any other item used to beautify the coffin. The above is also called coffin fittings.

Coffin accessories are part of the handle set and are made up of six coffin handles, six thumb screws, a name plate and a decoration if the coffin is an adult coffin.

A number 4 and 5 coffin for older children will use only 2 coffin handles on a side, in which case the coffin handle set will comprise of 4 coffin handles, coffin decorations and 4 thumbscrews.

In the case of a child coffin, that is coffin numbers 1,2,3 the coffin handles will come in sets of four, and a name plate. Sometimes only a coffin decoration and 2 coffin handles are used. Obviously, the smaller the coffin that is used, the smaller the coffin handle is made.

It is not legally required to have coffin handles on a coffin.

It is legally required in South Africa to have a coffin name plate attached to the coffin. The name plate should be inscribed the name of the deceased and the date of birth and death. This requirement makes it easy to identify the coffin if it has to be exhumed at a letter stage.

The coffin linings and trimmings add value to the coffin. It is compulsory to fit every coffin or casket with a plastic lining to make sure that no bodily fluids can leak from the coffin. The lining serves as a bath: the plastic used should be at least a 100 micron thick. The second lining is a cloth lining which also includes a pillow. A coffin that is lined with plastic and with cloth and fitted with handle set and decorations is called a trimmed coffin.


A suppliers list of coffin trimmings, coffin handles and other coffin accessories is provided in the manual supplied to persons who have attended the coffin and casket manufacturing course.